Why all the Philosophy?

Why so much philosophic discussion from a site associated with schooling? Where is the normal stuff on curriculum, etc.
Why all the philosophy? Some may claim that my bog posts say little of relevance to Christian school teachers and administrators. True, I have yet to say much about particular curricular or fund-raising strategies, but this is because I'm trying to fill a different (and too often neglected) niche.

Philosophy has been a neglected aspect of Christian education. My goal through SACE is not only to make Christian schools accessible to all interested families, but to get Christians thinking about life and society from a Christian perspective. I don't claim to have THE Christian perspective (only God does!), but I hope to get other teachers and administrators thinking. Without a distinctive philosophy, our schools offer little more than a moral educational setting that leaves our children to largely develop secular perspectives.

We are called to love God with all our mind, we are called to disciple the nations, and our culture should reflect and glorify God. Unless our children learn to think biblically in all areas, we, as Christian parents, fail in a big part of our Christian duties!
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