Strengthening Christian schools while displacing the secular paradigm of public education is an undertaking that has been resisted for over a century. The Body of Christ and American culture evidence the degenerative effects of this resistance. But, the time is ripe for change. As never before in American history:

  • The public is recognizing the failings of the current public education model!
  • The legal climate is favorable toward allowing public money to reach religious schools!
  • The school choice movement is advancing!
  • A growing body of academic research is supporting the unique qualities of religious schools!
Together, these realities point to the possibility of widespread educational change that will enable all desiring families to receive well-rounded Christian educations.

However, committed Christians must shape the coming change. Commitments of intellectual, spiritual, and financial resources are required to shape the coming change in a manner that glorifies God, strengthens the church, and raises the quality of America's public education system. SACE, with its unique vision to promote a "plural public education system" with a strong Christian school sector, provides the unique opportunity to concurrently invest in Christian education and public schooling. Join with us by becoming a member, contributing from your wisdom and experience, and giving financially.

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Privileges & Responsibilities

It is always a privilege to be an extension of God's hands and heart - especially when we touch the lives of children. SACE’s mission to strengthen Christian education and to make quality Christian schooling available to all families requires the efforts and financial support of those committed to membership. We believe the interchange of ideas between members will strengthen the intellectual underpinnings of Christian education, and financing, through dues and gifts, will enable the work of SACE to grow in breadth and degree of influence.
All members are encouraged to pray, participate in the discussion forum, and promote Christian education in their areas of influence. Other opportunities for service are available, such as forum moderation, school based discussion leadership, organizing college based "Christian School Societies," promoting religious school choice, etc. Please consider joining us!

*Application Process: Complete the brief email application (below). Upon acceptance, you will receive a return email with a link to pay the $20 annual membership dues with PayPal or credit card (payment may also be made by regular mail). After payment, you will receive a welcome letter and a personalized “Certificate of Membership.”

(If you have difficulty with the automatic e-mail application, you may e-mail your responses to

Membership is an opportunity and a symbol of involvement. We encourage members to make their memberships known by displaying their certificates in prominent places and noting it on their resumes, C.V.s, or other documents of affiliation.

Contribute Financially!

Support the Work!

SACE vision is high!

Financial resources are needed to:
* Teach parents, pastors, and community leaders about the value of Christian schooling.
* Help prepare future Christian school teachers by starting "Christian School Society" branches on
secular college campuses.
* Inspire gifted Christians in the business sector to engage in the process and discussion associated with multiplying Christian schools to meet the parent (market) demand religious school choice will bring.
* Influence legislators to understand the particular needs and values associated with religious schooling so that a healthy plural education systems can be established in our communities.

Please consider donating financially to this work. As SACE's founder and director, I am committed to  seeing the mission of SACE prosper.  Though SACE is not tax deductible,* its purpose for existing is not to "make a profit." Financial records can be requested by members who desire to verify that their donations are wisely and conscientiously used toward the Society’s mission.

Contributions for the support and expansion of the ministry can be made by Credit Card or Paypal.

* With future development, SACE will likely become a federally recognized "non-profit" organization - as long as legal and bureaucratic requirements do not pose a hinderance to SACE's mission.

Society for the Advancement of Christian Education

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