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Christian Education Discussion Topics

Encourage others to contribute to this "data base" of insight, wisdom, and revelation.
As we learn from one another, God, the Body of Christ, and our nation will be blessed!

These discussions are central to our goals.

Strengthening Schools

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Insights to Strengthen Christian Schools

Too often, our society associates education quality with test scores. Really, quality is measured in terms of the holistic nurture of each child’s spirit, mind, body, and relationships. How can we strengthen our schools in these areas?

  • How do we reveal God’s character, nature, and wisdom through-out the school day?
  • What should a Christian learn and how is this best taught in each curricular area?
  • How can a school’s climate reflect God's concerns that we "love our neighbor"?

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School Choice Motivators

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Make Christian Schools Available to All families

SACE supports lightly regulated religious School Choice to enable all families to provide a strong Christian education for their children. This is good for children and good for America.

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Christian School News

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News items affecting Christian Education

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School Publicity Strategies

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Promote Christian Education

  • How can I promote my Christian School?
  • How can we promote Christian education to the public?
  • How can the Body of Christ recapture the field of education?

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Society for the Advancement of Christian Education

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