What is "SACE”?
The Society for the Advancement of Christian Education (SACE) is both a lay and a professional organization.  Its primary goal is to strengthen the spiritual and philosophic depth and commitments of contemporary Christian youth and culture through preK-12 Christian education.

SACE seeks to “advance” the place of religious schooling in America by making religious schools more accessible and by making their programs more Christian.  It targets Christian home and classroom educational settings where the primary beliefs and values that shape the lives and thinking of children can be freely modeled, taught, and discussed.

Deuteronomy 11:18-21 seems to emphasize that the one way to insure that we will live under God's promises from generation to generation - "
as long as the heavens are above the earth" - is to be engrossed in God and His teachings and to pass on our love for God and His ways to our children through a natural and holistically integrated approach. God didn't tell the Jews to teach their children His ways merely at designated church or prayer times, but ( updated to a modern setting) while sitting around the house, walking in the mall, at bed time, breakfast and "school"… we should place reminders of God around our house, in the car, our clothes, and wear them as jewelry. To pass on the faith, thoughts of God must consume the thoughts of parents so that they teach about him at all times using all opportunities… know time, place, activity, behavior, or bit of knowledge is merely "secular"!

The Body of Christ must recognize that secular schooling first led to a loss of Christian authority; then to a loss of Christian morality, social understanding, and professional calling; and now to a widespread falling away from faith. Secular education fails to pass on our faith or show God's relevance to all of life!

1) Making Religious Schooling Accessible

Christian schools not only provide for the growth of personal faith, but Christian home and classroom schools are stronger supports for the moral and intellectual qualities of American citizenship than are secular schools.  Thus, SACE actively supports religious school choice so that children of all income levels may have the opportunity to receive Christian educations.

SACE adds to the religious school choice discussion through public presentations, media publications, and the discussions found on this site.

Learn about and participate in the school choice discussion here!

2) Educating the Public

Secular schooling has so shaped our thinking about education that few parents understand what a Christian education is… few can compare and contrast a secular education with a Christian one. School choice provides many opportunities, one of which is for the government to regulate Christian schools. So we need an educated and interested citizenry to defend Christian schooling against governmental encroachments. SACE educates parents regarding the value of Christian schooling with the hope that more parents will to provide a Christian education to their children and defend those educational settings against destructive governmental regulations.

3) Strengthening Classroom Philosophy

The teacher is the focal point of a Christian education.  Yet, most teachers have (and will) develop their initial philosophy of education in secular settings that do not consciously consider Christian beliefs or values.  SACE aims to provide opportunities for Christian teachers to learn from one another so they may strengthen their educational philosophy during both their college and teaching years.

For those who work home and classroom educational settings, the
Stronger School Discussion Forums on this site will provide a place to exchange ideas as to how to strengthen Christian schooling. For those still in their college years, SACE will launch the “Christian School Society” on university campuses as a student organization to facilitate the engagement of education students with Christian education philosophy and practice.

4) Planning for the Future

Christians are not ready for the educational future!  SACE will help prepare for religious school choice by encouraging discussions such as:
* What should Christian schools hold as their “non-negotiables” in the face of government encroachment?
* How can Christian schools expand into the educational opportunities that will be opened by School Choice?
* Who is currently working to produce the high quality curricular materials these schools will need and what qualities must they reflect?
* From where will the academic support for future teachers and administrators come?
* Through what bodies can all religious schools represent strongly their concerns before government bodies?
* How can the body of Christ become more unified around education?
* What structure should school choice take?

5) Linking Members with Opportunities

The conviction that the Christian faith holds broad educational interests undergirds the issues and activities that SACE pursues.  Quality Christian schooling offers Christian parents and churches a greater opportunity to communicate God’s wisdom, goodness, greatness, and truth to the next generation.  It offers children opportunities to grow closer to Christ, to recognize His call, to grow in character, and to develop a Christian mind.  It offers the public not only a source of strong academic preparation but a source of strong moral and civic character.

The Society for the Advancement of Christian Education is committed to advancing high spiritual, academic, and civic standards. It will bring Christian parents, students, educators, and scholars into discussions to strengthen Christian schooling... as would be pleasing to God and for the good of our children and nation.
SACE Membership is offered to all those supportive of the goals of this organization.

Join now to explore these interests and strengthen America’s spiritual and philosophical foundations!
Pursuing the Vision!

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