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SACE is a Vision, a Priority, and a Strategy

  • The Vision: Revealing Christ through Philosophically and Culturally Engaged Christian Schools
    • Strengthening the philosophic foundations of all Christian schools, and
    • Making religious education accessible to all families through a revised concept of public education.
    This vision is built upon the foundation of knowing God and making Him known. Thus, SACE is about the “great commission” goals of making disciples and discipling nations (Mark 16:15-16; Matthew 28:18-20). We believe the education day is vital and ideally suited to:
    • Reveal God’s goodness, wisdom, and deeds through the lens of each curricular subject;
    • Lovingly nurture children and young people within a trusted and caring environment; and
    • Prepare citizens with minds, hearts, and characters that will engage the needs of America and the world with wise and loving solutions.
  • The Priority: Nurturing Christian Minds and Hearts
    For over a century, most Christians have separated the "spiritual" and “philosophic” nurture of their children from their "academic" nurture. However, history reveals that good hearted but secularly minded Christians are poorly equipped to bring health to either their families or to society. Without schools that are spiritually, philosophically, and academically integrated, society decays as the institutions of art, business, justice, entertainment, media, and government crumble upon shifting secular foundations. Even though most Christian teachers and students are found in public schools, secularized schools have been stripped of foundational meanings, Biblical grounds for truth, deep moral motivations, trusted community atmospheres, and personal influence to love God. Secular education fails to nurture the spiritual, moral, and intellectual growth of children, who in turn, fail to develop the understanding to disciple America.
  • The Strategy: Making Religious Schools Strong and Accessible to All Families[+]
    Secular education undermines our faith and culture. Only when all families have an opportunity to attend quality Christian schools will the moral, intellectual, and institutional foundations of America be strengthened. Together, strong Christian education and religious school choice are vital keys to the discipleship of our children and our nation!
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