Solutions for Baltimore's Rioting Students?

Apparently there was a firestorm when Jeanne Allen, the senior fellow and president emeritus of the Center For Education Reform, tweeted, "Baltimore riots and community dysfunction remind us that we must fix school and make #edreform a reality 4 all. #Charterschools save cities." She was quick overwhelmed with responses - most from angry traditional public school teachers. Here are a couple of responses I posted to an article about the turmoil…

School choice has a lot going for it and it need not be a slam to conscientious traditional teachers. A school choice system gets parents more involved (which is one of the most critical indicators of their child's success). Teachers and Administrators enjoy their jobs in Charters and private schools because they have more professional freedom which makes for happier students. However, Charters alone are not the answer to educational problems - children need schools that are meaningful in ways that secular schools can not be. Private schools are places where children and teachers can pray, discuss subjects deeply, and receive life inspiration. Maryland's problems are humanly deeper than what public schools can address, school choice must go beyond secular school limitations!

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