Prison Dilemma and Education

The US imprisons a greater percentage of its population than any other country. Prison reform is discussed in today's news, but it is a frequent topic at other times. Why is it that we blame police and court injustice rather than our nations education system?
To get directly to my point, America's public education system was founded with the intent of ensuring that children were nurtured with the values and character necessary for good American citizenship. Few today talk about this goal because secular schools have great difficulty defining good character and have even fewer resources available for its nurture. Education has become narrowly academic and virtually ignores the spiritual, emotional, and ideological needs of children.

America has severe morality and character problems. Some of this makes itself visible in prejudice and injustice, but our secular institutions are ill-equipped to address the problem. It is an ideological / religious problem that can best be addressed by private individuals and religious communities.

Prison Fellowship, a Christian ministry that has run prison programs upon Christian principles, represents one kind of answer. However, the most far-reaching effects will be seen when the Christian community re-embraces education as a primary ministry, and when school choice allows children of all demographics to attend religious schools.
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