Multiplication: Faster Than Addition

Christians must re-take the arena of education… and multiplication is faster than addition!
Today, Sandy Rios, a Christian radio talk-show host (that I like to listen to) commented on the value of homeschooling. I wrote the following to "multiply" the vision:


Today you expressed your gratefulness about the (Christian) homeschool movement. I honor the movement too, but not just as an end, but a means. Christian homeschool parents touch their own children; but the Christian classroom setting provides the opportunity to multiply the lives and wisdom of teachers. Christian missions globally began with a mission and vision to educate the next generation. We must return to it.

Homeschool parents tend to be more philosophic about education - a needed element in many classroom settings. I pray that homeschoolers and former homeschoolers will start schools to educate and disciple the children of others. Christian education, home and classroom, is the key way to gain lost ground and really address the needs of the Church and society.
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