Is Your School Part of the Body?

Independence and lightly given judgement are symptomatic of an unhealthy body. Christian schools, as part of the Body of Christ, must demonstrate love and concern for other Christian schools.

I increasingly find myself reflecting on the nature and reality of the Body of Christ. I recently listened to an “in-house” presentation by a well-known visiting scholar at Baylor University. He presented a message that he seemed to presume would be ill received… at least he indicated that it had been ill received in other evangelical settings. Upon reflection, what troubled me most was not what he had to say, but the spirit with which he seemed to deliver it. As would be expected from a man with his training, his delivery was polite and professional. However, this was the problem. As a fellow Christian, he delivered a cutting and potentially divisive message as if from a distance.

Do we not see that Christ is head of he whole Church? Do we not see that other members of the Body of Christ are “part of ourselves?” We should identify with other members in their rejoicing or suffering. When we think they need correction, we should offer it humbly and compassionately – and then only with a deep sense that Christ is motivating our correction. As an analogy, I do not always pull out slivers that my children get in their hands and feet; sometimes I judge that the removal process will do more harm than good. However, if I do remove one, I do it gently, not only to reduce their pain (which I feel, too) and expedite healing, but also to demonstrate love and build trust.

The Body of Christ is much weaker in America than it should be. Part of this weakness is to be blamed not just on a lack of concern for other members, but on our independence. As Christian schools, we need to see one another not as competitors, inferior, or merely representing the “wrong” philosophy, but we should be willing to pray for and strengthen other schools as the Lord leads. After all, as “other schools” grow stronger, the whole body will grow stronger.

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