History as if Christianity is True

Ever read a history book that went beyond the mere people and events of history? If not, John Lord's works from the late 1800s are an excellent read.
John Lord was not only brilliant, but he was a deeply committed Christian. Because of this, his books were read and republished as Beacon Lights of History for over half a century. He stands out because he writes as if Christianity is true. Since the Bible identifies God's plans for humanity, civilization and history, Lord attempts to help his readers to discern human nature, to see the civilizing goods that follow living by God's commands, and to see God's providential acts in history.

Some may disagree with Lord's religious perspective, but as a historian, I must point out that it is equally valid (and more valuable if true) than those who claim to write with no perspective. No historian can tell all of history. The job of every historian is to discern and evaluate that which is most important for his/her audience to know. Thus, what historians select to present will always reflect their perspective of truth and value. John Lord does this extremely well from within his Christian perspective.

The secular perspective of the past century has claimed neutrality by "just telling the facts." However, to attempt to stand aside from judgement reflects a perspective that is just as ideological and "judgmental" as John Lord's Christian perspective. A secular tellingly of history that neglects evaluating human morality and beliefs, and treating God's influence in history as unimportant or false is far from neutral - it is a perspective in itself! "Meaningful" history - that which a learner should want - always reflects a worldview.

Beacon Lights of History can be read online for free. Search for archival copies.)
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