Faith, Family and the Achievement Gap

According to studies by renowned family and education scholar and prolific author William Jeynes, studies resoundingly show that faith and family involvement do more to close the black and hispanic achievement gap than any other efforts.

This is written about in detail in a recent
US Centre post. Jeynes importantly notes that though research overwhelmingly supports the importance of faith and family, policy makers continue to focus on pumping money into education and other social programs that have proven to be of little effect. Surely it is harder for the state to strengthen a family than to run a Head-Start program, but aren't we more interested in results? Further, Jeynes has several proposals that are NOT difficult for the state to accomplish… Perhaps faith and family are just unpopular…

I'll say no more and allow you to get the details for yourself!

P.S. You will also want to look at Jeynes most recent book,
What Would Christ Do?
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