The End is Near!?

National moral decline and international upheaval lead many to anticipate Christ's soon return. But will we be found going about our Father's business? Are we even training our children to be about His business?
My involvement with education did not begin with an interest in education but with the desire to make God known and to bless others. My international travels taught me that God is made known not only directly through biblical revelation, but indirectly through cultures built upon biblical principles and truths. The Bible reveals God and teaches us His ways; then, since biblical principles and truths lead to just, prosperous, creative, beautiful, and compassionate societies, biblical cultures reveal God and bless the people who live within them.

We still have an abundance of biblical revelation, but we have largely lost our connections to culture... And thus, our culture deteriorates. The primary cause? As I say over and over again, the cause is the loss of a vision for the Christian education of our children. The church may yet love God with all of its heart soul and body, but when it does not love God with all of its mind it abdicates its public authority, and allows non-Christian philosophies to shape culture. As a result, cultures deteriorate.

Within my church discussions of "wars and rumors of war" have stirred much anticipation regarding Christ's soon return. Though I too anticipate being with Christ in heaven, I sense that the time is too soon. I have difficulty anticipating the return of Christ at a time when the church seems so weak – at a time when it appears the Church is declining. I believe the Father wants to send his Son back to a Proverbs 31 bride – one that is making disciples in all nations as well as discipling the nations themselves.

Let us be about our father's business… preparing to meet our soon coming groom by diligently loving Him, loving our neighbors, and raising our children to love Him with all their hearts, souls, minds, and bodies!
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