Choice Opponent: "We want the best public schools!"

We all want our children to attend the best schools. But who defines what is best?
Yesterday, a radio news article noted that some Texas legislators are again trying to expand schools choice. An audio clip from a school choice opponent went something like this: “We don’t need to send money to other schools, we just want to have the best public schools!”

The problem with this is in the definition of what a school should be… and how you measure it! If the idea of “best school” is measured only by test scores in reading and math, then there can be debate about which schools are best. But if you talk to parents - especially parents who are concerned about their child’s education - “best” quickly moves into areas public schools can’t access!

My best includes a school where my children grow deeply in character, love for God, develop a philosophic understanding of life through the curriculum - and much more. What is your “Best School”? Is it even possible to achieve within any secular school setting?
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